A HusbandsPassion Shared Their Experience Exploring Sex As A Couple On SexTalkTuesday.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, HusbandsPassion shared with us their experience exploring sex as a couple. It was an interesting talk with many that felt compelled to jump in and dispel myths of sexual exploration. All around a very upfront and frank talk about sexual exploration as a couple. Read the whole story below!


Joanne @Miss_Joanne_F

@husbandspassion We have this wonderful thing called #sex, which encompasses so many dimensions, but so few of us a…


REbel Eclectic @RebelEclectic

A1. By knowing who they really are, what they really want & creating/providing an environment that highlights that.…


Topic: Sexual Exploration as Couples


Q1 What is your favorite way to make #sex more exciting with a partner? #SexTalkTuesday #Couples

Q2 Who initiated the exploration and what was the process like? #SexTalkTuesday #dating

Q3 How has your new exploration made your #relationship better? #SexTalkTuesday #dating

Q4 Have you or your partner wanted to try something new that the other did not want to try? What was your resolution? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Have you talked about your exploration with other friends? What was their reaction? #SexTalkTuesday #dating


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