A Special Event with Margaret Cho!

maxresdefaultOn Monday January 5th #SexTalkTuesday had a special event with comedian and actress Margaret Cho (@MargaretCho) as our moderator! It was a fantastic chat discussing some of the intricacies of attraction and sexuality in a way that only Margaret Cho is capable of doing.

Q1: Would you consider yourself bisexual? Have you been attracted to varying degrees to different people? #SexTalkTuesday
Q2: What constitutes sexuality? Is it someone’s body or mind? or is it more complex? #SexTalkTuesday
Q3: What is attraction? what do you consider attractive as opposed to what is a turn on? Or a turn off? #SexTalkTuesday

Margaret has a new show premiering this Saturday (Jan. 10)  at 11 am Eastern, on TLC called All About Sex. You can follow them on @AllAboutSexTLC or follow the hashtag #AllAboutSex

If you missed it look below for the whole discussion!

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