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Sybian Moderates – 6/24/14

@Sybian moderated #SexTalkTuesday discussing Body Explorations (for both Women and Men). Topics of discussion included naughty things said in the bedroom, how to grapefruit your boyfriend (you have to read the archive to learn about what this is but let’s just say that he will like it) and how a woman can teach her body […]

Apt_no_7 Talks Virtual Relationships for SexTalkTuesday

The “virtual girlfriend” has been getting a lot of attention in the press. Questions like, are they real people? Do these “virtual relationships” have substance? What is the appeal?  Apt_no_7 is a vitrual girlfriend on She is also a sex and tech columnist at Medium, a Business Insider author, and high end virtual girlfriend on […]

Ms Quote Moderates 6/10/14

We had a fantastic #SexTalkTuesday today! Over 107 participants and over 700 tweets! Sex ed is one hot topic. Ms. Quote was a fantastic moderator with a great topic. Read the archive to catch up on what you missed. Topic: Everything you wanted to know about sex Q1: What would you like to learn more about […]

Ms. Quote Talking About Sex Ed on Tuesday’s #SexTalkTuesday

Ms. Quote is the blogger of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind where she writes about sex, relationships and adult sex education. She is also the “head mistress” of #AdultSexEdMonth (, a month-long social media campaign in June designed to make adult sex education information and discussions more accessible to the social media public. She will […]

Moderator Bella Vendetta 6/3/14 Chat Archive

Ever wonder about body piercings and their affect on sex. Our guest moderator Bella Vendetta was not afraid to tackle the topic. Read the full archive to catch up on this fun chat. [View the story “Bella Vendetta 6/3/14” on Storify]  

Bella Vendetta to Moderate

We are excited about our next moderator! Bella Vendetta comes to #SexTalkTuesday with a great topic! Can piercing increase your sexual pleasure?  Bella Vendetta is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix of 13 years training and experience hailing from western MA. She is a sex educator frequently speaking at colleges and universities, a workshop leader and facilitator for […]

Sextalktuesday twitter chat

Sex and technology are on the forefront of conversation for many of us. How do the two intersect: porn, sexting, cam models, sex toys.  There are far more cross overs between tech and sex than just hardcore. Lucie Blush did a great job discussing this fascinating topic. Read the archive of her great chat. [View […]

SexTalkTuesday Lucie Blush

Lucie Blush Topic and Question

We are excited for tomorrows #SexTalkTuesday with guest moderator, Lucie Blush.  You can login to twitter and follow the hashtag #sextalktuesday to follow, or join, the chat. You can also follow the chat on our home page.   Topic: How does technology affect your sex land dating life and how have you used it? Q1 […]

Lucie Blush to Moderate

Lucie Blush is a young feminist pornographer and blogger based in Barcelona. She believes it’s time to bring the fun back into porn and that fresh new explicit content is key to overcome gender clichés and empower both men and women to explore and improve their sex life. Read her on and watch her […]

SexTalkTuesday Kim Airs

Moderator Kim Airs Talks About Sex Toys

Kim Airs LOVES talking to people about sex and sex toys! She’s been in the adult toy industry for over 20 years so she knows what she’s talking about having “walked the walk and talked the talk.” We had a fun and vibrant #SexTalkTuesday. Read the archive below. Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex […]