Harassment: How To Identify It And What To Do About It On Sex Talk Tuesday.

It was a serious topic this week on #SexTalkTuesday.  Harassment: How to identify it and what to do about it.  The problem of harassment, sexual or otherwise, concerns us all and what many felt to be the truest problem is that it can be hard to recognize or be downplayed by those not experiencing it.  Some of the tweets that reflect this were:


Michelle Renee@thetrojankitten

A2: the minute you say no firmly and they continue. #SexTalkTuesday



A5: Sadly, media often reframes harassment as persistence. #sextalktuesday


Topic: Harassment

Q1 Have you ever experienced a stranger being too persistent about getting a #date? What was your response? #SexTalkTuesday #dating

Q2 At what point does persistence become #harassment? #SexTalkTuesday #dating Are there signs?

Q3 What action can you take against someone who is harassing you? To you, are there different types of harassment? #SexTalkTuesday

Q4 Do any of you know how the law protects you against #harassment? How (which country/state you are from? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Do #TV, media, internet #blogs, and #music promote harassment as being ok in your opinion? Is change needed, if so how? #SexTalkTuesday


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