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Heather Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss How We Know It’s Time to Call a Relationship Off.

This week the talk on SexTalkTuesday centered on relationships and how to know when to end them. This serious discussion was informative and helpful in so many ways. If, like me, you’ve struggled on knowing when it was time to end a relationship then read the full story below!


It Starts With US!

A1: It will probably be different for different people, but if there is constant fighting and no resolution or forw… https://t.co/UhEfTlOC7z


Quin @ThatMissQuin

Yes. Romantic and toxic friendships. Mostly bc I didn’t know how to get out and tried to get them to ditch me in de… https://t.co/LMs20w1NUA


Topic: How We Know It’s Time to Call a Relationship Off


Q1 What clues tell you it’s time to end/change your relationship? #SexTalkTuesday #dating

Q2 Transition, conscious uncoupling, end, or #DTMFA? How do you decide which makes sense? #SexTalkTuesday

Q3 What does a healthy #breakup look like? Do you have any #breakupgoals? #SexTalkTuesday #dating

Q4 Have you ever ended a #relationship too late? Why was it too late? What would you do differently now? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Have you ever ended a #relationship too soon? Why was it too soon? What would you do differently now? #SexTalkTuesday


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