We want to make sure that we get the best possible promotion for your chat. Below is some information that we will need to promote you on the website and on Twitter.

Get your SexTalkTuesday badges and promotional tools, including copy and paste embed codes for the badges at:  http://sextalktuesday.com/moderator-tool-kit/

If you are interested in having our SEO expert draft a blog for you, or you write a blog post, please let us know so we can get him writing and/or promote your post on our networks.

Below you will find information on what your job will be as a guest moderator and what we will need from you:


PROMOTIONAL INFORMATION FOR PRESS RELEASE – NEEDED by 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.


  • The Twitter handle that will be used, by you, on the day of the talk.
  • A bio
  • A headshot (optional) to be used for promotion
  • A brief sentence to be used in the press release. This needs to be in regards to either 1) being the guest moderator of a sex talk Tuesday session OR 2) your topic and questions for the session.


SESSION DETAILS – WE MUST HAVE THESE ITEMS 1 weeks prior to your scheduled date.

  • A topic
  • Five questions formatted for twitter (130 characters or less)

They will look like this: Q1 Insert Question Here #sextalktuesday.

We will provide image panels that include the question for you to post.

Please note that the earlier we receive the topic and questions from you the more fully we are able to promote your session as a guest moderator on Sex Talk Tuesday. If you are unable to get these items to us by the deadline please let me know.



At the beginning of the twitter chat you will announce your topic, then pose the questions on twitter. (one question every 10 minutes or so) and engage (aka tweet) with them on their answers and discussion. Please be sure to include #sextalktuesday in all of your tweets.


All of the tweets during the Twitter chat must include #SexTalkTuesday otherwise they will not be seen in the chat.

You may read our document on “Twitter Chat Etiquette” to help understand the ebb and flow of a Twitter chat.

Thank you again for scheduling a session as a guest moderator. We are pleased to have you scheduled. Please let us know if you have any questions.