@InkedAngels Came To SexTalkTuesday To Talk About The Swinging Lifestyle.

The Swingers lifestyle was the topic of conversation this week on SexTalkTuesday. The sexual inclusiveness of swingers and engaging with others seems to be the main draw of the life, but don’t take my word for it. Read the whole story below.

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#SexTalkTuesday @SexTalkTuesday (1/2) Safety is def super important. I luv the openness & sexual positivity of swin… https://t.co/2JHrJXqc0t


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A2: Yes!! I love watching the face of the person my SO is engaging with #SexTalkTuesday https://t.co/dC4gA5GZF4


Topic: The Swinging Lifestyle


Q1 What are your thoughts on the #Swinging Lifestyle? Good, Bad, and everything in between. #SexTalkTuesday

Q2 Is it a turn on, for you, to watch your significant other with another partner? #SexTalkTuesday

Q3 How can #Swinging better your #relationship with your partner? #SexTalkTuesday #Dating

Q4 What rules do you have with your partner regarding limits (ex. #kissing, #anal, etc)? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 The #swingers life isn’t always roses. Does anyone have any funny stories from their experiences? #SexTalkTuesday

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