Jera Brown Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss Sex & Spirtuality.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, Jera Brown joined us to discuss sex & spirituality, and a lively conversation it was. There is, I’m sure you can imagine, quite a bit of diversity when it comes to the topic at hand, and the diverse answers we received were indicative of that. Some of the tweets that illustrate this were:


Molly @Mollysdailykiss

Not spiritual but very relaxing, centering. Blissful is a good word for it #SexTalkTuesday




mygirlfund @mygirlfund

@emotichew Yes I would describe it that way. Intense, emotional, grounding and uplifting all at once #SexTalkTuesday


Topic: Sex & Spirituality


Q1: Has subspace been a #spiritual experience for you? Do you know what it is? #SexTalkTuesday

Q2: Do you have any tips on using #tantric practices to improve your #sexlife? #SexTalkTuesday

Q3: How can #casual #sexual encounters still be spiritually meaningful? #SexTalkTuesday

Q4: Describe unexpected moments of #sexual bliss! #SexTalkTuesday

Q5: How has #sex been healing for you? #SexTalkTuesday


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