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Masturbation with Alia Janine on SexTalkTuesday!

Alia 1 4 2 15This week on #sextalktuesday we discussed masturbation with Alia Janine (@TheAliaJanine). Several of our followers indicated that they were raised catholic and had been taught that if they masturbated they would go to hell while others indicated that they were raised in a household that didn’t talk about sex or masturbation. One follower indicated that they felt like it was a big secret. There was a very small percentage of people who had been brought up in a sex positive household who had learned about masturbation in a healthy and positive way.

Q1 Were you taught what masturbating is during your “sex talk” growing up? #sextalktuesday

Q2 What are the benefits/downfalls of explaining masturbation during school sex talks? #sextalktuesday

Q3 What do churches say these days about masturbating? #sextalktuesday

Q4 Do you think masturbation is an important part of mental/physical health? #sextalktuesday

Q5 Is masturbating while in a relationship good or bad? #sextalktuesday

Read the whole discussion below whether you missed it or just want to go over it!

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