Natassia Dreams Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Androgyny, Trans, And You.

SexTalkTuesday fell on National Coming Out Day this year and we had Natassia Dreams guest moderating a chat about Androgyny, Trans, and You. It felt an important topic on this National holiday, and many contributed to the talk that felt this topic has only been lightly touched on. (And needed to talked about even more!) Read the whole conversation below!

Topic: Androgyny, Trans, and You.


Q1 Who do you feel is the most successful #trans in mainstream #Hollywood? #SexTalkTuesday

Q2 Does it matter to you if the gorgeous supermodel you admire is #trans? #SexTalkTuesday

Q3 Do you find #androgynous people attractive? Would you date a man/woman who is androgynous? #SexTalkTuesday

Q4 Do you think #trans people should identify themselves as such or not bring it up at all? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Do you think #porn exploits or embraces the #transsexual community? #SexTalkTuesday

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