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Rachel Hills Joins Us On Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Reclaiming Sex Positivity!

This week on #SexTalkTuesday Rachel Hills joined us to talk about reclaiming sex positivity.  Many felt that not enough communication happens in the time leading up to sex, and that if this issue were solved a great deal of bad sexual experience would be eliminated. Some of the tweets that illustrate this were:

Black Pomegranate@BlkPomegranate

A5. A real conversation about the importance of consent and having consent as a part of sexed. #SexTalkTuesday


Dr. Jeana Jorgensen@foxyfolklorist

A1: sex positivity means acknowledging the diversity in human behavior surrounding sex, sexuality, gender, & relationships #SexTalkTuesday

Topic: Reclaiming Sex Positivity.


Q1 What does sex positivity mean to you? #sextalktuesday

Q2 What are some of the biggest misconceptions you see/hear about sex positivity? #sextalktuesday

Q3 Why do you think sex positivity is sometimes misunderstood? #sextalktuesday

Q4 What can we do to challenge misconceptions about sex positivity? #sextalktuesday

Q5 What issues would you like to see the sex positivity movement tackle? #sextalktuesday

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