Rebel Lynn Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk Polyamory: A Beginner’s Guide.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, Rebel Lynn lead a talk about polyamory. The replies and opinions flew thick and fast, but the general consensus seemed to be that a willingness to try polyamory was, at the very least, a good thing. Some of the tweets that illustrated this were:


mygirlfund @mygirlfund

A2: I think the meaning depends on who you talk to, but I like non-monogamous more, more flexible #SexTalkTuesday


SexBloggess @sexbloggess

A1 #SexTalkTuesday we platonically love lots of people, romantic love doesn’t *have* to be singular


Topic: #Polyamory: A Beginners guide.


Q1 Do you feel it’s possible to be in #love with more than one person? #SexTalkTuesday

Q2 What do you think the word #Polyamory means? #SexTalkTuesday

Q3 How would you open a discussion on #polyamory with your partner? #SexTalkTuesday

Q4 What kind of ground rules would you lay out in an #openrelationship? How does that differ from #polyamory? #SexTalkTuesday

Q5 Do you think #bisexuality is essential to engaging in a #poly relationship? #SexTalkTuesday


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