Analized.com Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss Anal Sex!

Analized.com joined us on SexTalkTuesday to talk about anal sex and what a talk it was. From sage advice about how to go about it, to covering the myths surrounding anal sex, we covered it all. Make sure you read the whole story, you won’t want to miss it! ️‍Rayne Millaray @RayneMillaray @SexTalkTuesday Don’t put […]


Drake Hardy Joined Us On SexTalkTuesday To Discuss The Hows Of Masturbation!

This week on SexTalkTuesday was the first part of a 2-part series about masturbation! An often-overlooked part of everyday, normal sexual activity is masturbation. Many don’t feel as though it is something that needs to be talked about past the teen years and yet a very great many do it! In this series, Drake Hardy […]


Kiiroo Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss The Future Of Sex.

Kiiroo joined us to talk about the future of sex, and a bright future it seems to be. From virtual reality to sex robots, we discussed it. Read the whole discussion below to see what many felt was up and coming for the future of sex!   Topic: “The Future of Sex” Questions: Q1 What […]


Stephanie Of The Semenette Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Relationships & Conception.

This week on SexTalkTuesday the topic was Relationships & Conception. Stephanie Berman of the Semenette talked about many of the issues facing couples trying to get pregnant, and many jumped into this serious topic. That being said, the talk was light hearted and several tweets were flat out funny. The tweets below are representative of […]


Callie Little Guest Moderated A Sex Talk Tuesday About Magnificent Masturbation.

The topic of this week’s talk was Magnificent Masturbation with Callie Little guest moderating and everyone had a lot to say! Many felt that masturbation wasn’t discussed enough and that it was perfectly natural to masturbate. We also had many share when and why they masturbate. Some of the tweets that show this were: Suz […]


Sammee Matthews Joined Us On Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk About BBW Sex & Love.

It was a spirited week on SexTalkTuesday. Our topic for discussion this week was BBW Sex & Love with Sammee Matthews guest moderating.  The conversation ranged from fetishism to anal sex. An interesting discussion all around. Some of the tweets that illustrate this were:   Bianca Peterek@tibiania @SexTalkTuesday Actually, someone had to explain the whole […]

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Hayley Quinn Discusses Commitment on Sex Talk Tuesday.

This week on #SexTalkTuesday, Hayley Quinn discussed Commitment. It was a charged topic; with many questioning the meaning of Commitment, the basis of monogamy, the perceived healthiness of monogamy, and many other off-shoots of the Commitment question. A definite must read edition of #SexTalkTuesday!   F-Buddy@fbuddy A1: I consider most relationships committed, on different levels. […]

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Play With Me: Toy-riffic Sex Ed with Miyoko On Sex Talk Tuesday

Guest moderator @AskMiyoko did a fantastic job of getting conversation about sex and sex toys going at #SexTalkTuesday this week.  Is your lover ever jealous of your toys?  What do you do?  Topics from lube, to toy safety, to finding balance, were all covered.  We also chatted about the different types of orgasms people can […]

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Debunking the Myths and Enjoying The Magic of Lube

On #SexTalkTuesday we were happy to welcome Astroglide’s Resident Sexologist, Dr. Jess for an hour-long Twitter chat on one of her favorite topics — the joys of using lube to increase sexual pleasure. Personal lubricants have come a long way in the past two decades that Astroglide’s been on the scene. While there are many varieties of […]