Bella At Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss Porn Expectations Vs. Sex In Real Life.

This week the topic of porn expectations versus sex in real life, garnered quite a bit of excitement, and no little discussion. The talk quickly became about the experiences of a woman in the adult industry, and it was riveting! Many had insightful and passionate ideas about porn vs. real life, and weren’t shy about […]


Mia Vallis Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Foundational Safety In A Kinky World.

The topic this week, on Sex Talk Tuesday, was foundational safety in a kinky world. Mia Vallis guest moderated this lively talk that had many saying the key to safety is to always be learning and improving your understanding. Some of the tweets that illustrated this were: Black Pomegranate @BlkPomegranate A3. #BDSM is a skill, […]


OpeningGateways Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Love: In Life, Sex, & Dating.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, OpeningGateways came to discuss Love: In life, sex, and dating with us. It seems that attitudes toward dating have made a paradigm shift to something of another time. Something not to be sought, but accepted, somewhat, if it’s found. Some of the tweets that reflect this were:   CamGirl411@camgirl411 A1 I […]


AdultFriendFinder Joins Us On Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk About Opening Up Your Relationship With Technology.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, AdultFriendFinder of Friend Finder Networks, LLC joined us to discuss opening up the relationship via technology.  A great many had a wealth of opinion about the state of the dating world, as it pertains to the technology used and many had passionate beliefs about it! (And weren’t shy on sharing!) One […]

Apt_no_7 Talks Virtual Relationships for SexTalkTuesday

The “virtual girlfriend” has been getting a lot of attention in the press. Questions like, are they real people? Do these “virtual relationships” have substance? What is the appeal?  Apt_no_7 is a vitrual girlfriend on She is also a sex and tech columnist at Medium, a Business Insider author, and high end virtual girlfriend on […]