OpeningGateways Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Love: In Life, Sex, & Dating.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, OpeningGateways came to discuss Love: In life, sex, and dating with us. It seems that attitudes toward dating have made a paradigm shift to something of another time. Something not to be sought, but accepted, somewhat, if it’s found. Some of the tweets that reflect this were:   CamGirl411@camgirl411 A1 I […]


Harassment: How To Identify It And What To Do About It On Sex Talk Tuesday.

It was a serious topic this week on #SexTalkTuesday.  Harassment: How to identify it and what to do about it.  The problem of harassment, sexual or otherwise, concerns us all and what many felt to be the truest problem is that it can be hard to recognize or be downplayed by those not experiencing it.  […]