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Venus Lux Comes To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Polyamory!

Venus Lux came to #SexTalkTuesday and led a lively debate over polyamory! This week’s discussion had many involved and had many agreeing that while polyamory can be a difficult path; it can, ultimately, be very rewarding. Some of the tweets that reflect this were:   The Kinky Space@TheKinkySpace Poly isn’t for everyone, but it can […]

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Cooper Beckett and The Swingset Team Discuss Non-Monogamy on Sex Talk Tuesday!

This week, we had a group of moderators on our chat; as the whole team from Life On The Swingset joined us.  @CooperSBeckett was joined by @GingerNTheProf,  @DylanTheThomas, and @Technogeisha.  The conversation went over time, as many people wanted to stick around and continue the conversation.  The talk was focused on primarily monogamy, polyamory, and swinging.  However, we also […]


Cooper Beckett (@swingsetlife) talks about Swinging!

Cooper Beckett (@swingsetlife) was our guest moderator this week and the topic was Swinging.  We started off the discussion by asking who had explored swinging and who was curious about it. We discussed unicorns (there are several definitions with one being a single women who participates at swing and kink events) orgies and how many […]