MateSafe Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss STD’s And The State Of Dating!

This week was an important topic that absolutely must be talked about! STD’s and the state of dating in today’s world are not covered enough, as is evidenced by rising rates of STD/STI infection among the populace. Many felt that communication and education would go a long way towards ending the stigma, and thusly ending […]

Nadia Ali The Daily Beast

Nadia Ali Comes To Sex Talk Tuesday To Discuss Safe Sex!

Nadia Ali joined us on #SexTalkTuesday to discuss safer sex, especially in regards to sex work.  There were, as one might imagine, a range of opinions on the matter.  That being said, it was an interesting talk with many agreeing that education equates the safest sex. F-Buddy@fbuddy A1: No such thing as safe sex, according […]