PhoneSexKingdom Discussed Using Technology To Explore And Communicate About Sex!

PhoneSexKingdom joined us this week to talk about how to explore and communicate about sex with technology. A particularly good topic for us on SexTalkTuesday, as we wouldn’t even be doing this talk without technology! The participants in this discussion seemed to feel that textual conversation is great, but for the best actual communication; being […]


AdultFriendFinder Joins Us On Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk About Opening Up Your Relationship With Technology.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, AdultFriendFinder of Friend Finder Networks, LLC joined us to discuss opening up the relationship via technology.  A great many had a wealth of opinion about the state of the dating world, as it pertains to the technology used and many had passionate beliefs about it! (And weren’t shy on sharing!) One […]

Men of Porn – A Peek Behind The Curtain With @RyanDriller, @StevenStCroix1 & @TylerKnightXXX

This live SexTalkTuesday on Mindbrowse.com was very thought provoking. We discussed the issues that men face in the porn industry including the experience that each of our guests bring to the table.  We also discussed what has changed in the industry during the time that they have made porn, changes in technology, how amateur content has affected […]

SexTalkTuesday Lucie Blush

Lucie Blush Topic and Question

We are excited for tomorrows #SexTalkTuesday with guest moderator, Lucie Blush.  You can login to twitter and follow the hashtag #sextalktuesday to follow, or join, the chat. You can also follow the chat on our home page.   Topic: How does technology affect your sex land dating life and how have you used it? Q1 […]