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The Importance of Oral Sex in a Relationship with Auntie Angel

At SexTalkTuesday this week Auntie Angel (@angelserotics) discussed the importance of Oral Sex and how it affects a relationship. We had an even split between followers who felt that they could have a relationship without oral sex and those who felt that it would be a deal breaker. One follower posted “Lack of oral sex in a relationship is not a deal breaker for me by itself. Lack of a healthy #sex life is though.” We also discussed how to talk about what you do or don’t like in oral sex, how to communicate with your partner about their  oral sex skills (and whether or not you should) and how good we feel we are at oral sex.

Topic: How important is Oral Sex to you in your Relationship

Q1 If your mate refused to perform #oral sex on you would it be a deal breaker? #sextalktuesday

Q2 Are you willing to be open with your mate if they are doing something orally you don’t like? #sextalktuesday

Q3 Would you be offended if your mate complained about your #oral skills? #sextalktuesday

Q4 If the #Oral is amazing and the sex was just ok…would that be ok? Or are you greedy? #sextalktuesday

Q5 Be honest…are you actually good at Oral sex yourself? #sextalktuesday

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