Belle Knox Portrait

Belle Knox is Scheduled to Guest Moderate #SexTalkTuesday

Belle Knox is the nation’s most famous university-student-turned-porn-star who caused a media sensation when she made the outrageous claim that sex work empowers her. She is an award-winning pornography actress and a sex-positive feminist activist. She has contributed to Jezebel, XoJane, Huffington Post, Playboy Online, MTV Staying Alive AIDS Foundation, The Sinclair Institute, Forbes, and Penthouse Forum on the topics of feminism, sexual freedom, censorship, and freedom of expression. She has been featured in top publications and news sources such as The Independents, CBS, HLN, ABC, Time, Rolling Stone, New York Times, CNN, Fox, “The View”, Howard Stern, Penthouse, Hustler, Elle, Vanity Fair Cinema, NPR and MTV.

She has appeared on radio shows such as Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Artie Lange, Vivid Radio, and Playboy Radio.

The Independent called her “bigger than Justin Bieber”, and she historically became the first porn star to ever be allowed to appear on “The View” and Rolling Stone called her the “feminist voice of porn.”

She is a Women’s Studies scholar at Duke University. She has spoken at Duke University on sex work, labor politics, and feminism.