#SexTalkTuesday is the first adult Twitter Chat.  Started in March of 2013, the Twitter chat has grown significantly. It is now a weekly chat that has boasted some amazing moderators from both within and outside of the adult industry. The #SexTalkTuesday Twitter Chat has an incredible tweetreach and impression and it is only getting bigger.

Our advertising platform is unique because it pairs traditional website advertising and Twitter ads.  Additionally, our advertising is available on a weekly basis and does not require a minimum of a month. This allows you to tailor your advertising for the moderator or topic.

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Moderators have included:

Press Coverage

Our Twitter chat was written up in

Chat Stats

Some statistics (average) about traffic during our Twitter chat.

  • Over 100 active participants
  • Over 1000 tweets per hour
  • Over 7 Million impressions per hour
  • Over 800K account tweet reach


As an advertiser you will be getting both website and Twitter advertising. You will be the sponsor for your weeks chat, which means you will get tweets going out all week pushing your links, as well as during the chat. Tweets during the chat will say “This weeks Twitter Chat sponsored by…”.  On the website you will get banner and sidebar ads. You will also get an ad embedded in the archive post for the Twitter chat. This will be a permanent ad.

There is also a chance you will be mentioned in the weekly press release, though this is not guaranteed.

Sssh.com is always the primary host of the Twitter chat. They are the “owners” of the Twitter chat. Their banners and name will not be removed from the site or the Twitter chat.

We do our best to pair sponsors with appropriate weekly topics. If you are a sextoy company we will try to get you on a topic that is related to sextoys. We will not pair an advertiser with a competing brand, even if the topic is complimentary.  Because #SexTalkTuesday is an intelligent adult Twitter chat, we will be discretionary with our choice of advertisers.  

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