Dawn Serra Tackles Sex Myths On Sex Talk Tuesday!

This week on #SexTalkTuesday, guest moderator Dawn Serra tackled those often times confusing, sometimes embarrassing sex myths. We’ve all heard them, and we often don’t think about they affect our sex lives, but they can have a powerful influence. By turns serious and light-hearted, this is a must read #SexTalkTuesday!

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen @foxyfolklorist
A2: I’ve felt shame for having less desire for sex during times in my life when I struggled with depression & anxiety. #SexTalkTuesday


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“Accents make me melt between my legs.. so hot!#dating #turnons” via @SexTalkTuesday #SexTalkTuesday

Topic: Sex Myths and Confronting the Awkward
Q1 From Hollywood to Cosmo, #sexmyths abound, so let’s bust ’em! What are some myths about sex that you know? #SexTalkTuesday
Q2 What are some beliefs about sex that have held you back or caused you shame, now or in the past? #SexTalkTuesday
Q3 What’s something you are curious about, or used to be curious about, when it comes to #sex? #confession #SexTalkTuesday
Q4 What’s the most embarrassing sex conversation you’ve ever had? Why was it so awkward? #SexTalkTuesday
Q5 Regrettable sex. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. What’s an “oh crap” moment you’ve had in bed? #SexTalkTuesday
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