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Kink, Sex and Consent with Samantha Manewitz on #SexTalkTuesday 10/07/2014

This week on #SexTalkTuesday educator, sex nerd, and therapist Samantha Manewitz (@BeyondSafewords) chatted about #YesIsYes, #Consent, #Abuse and more!

If you missed our fantastic discussion about getting kinky safely, make sure to read the full recap below. Many people go into kink and BDSM without being fully prepared so dont be one of them!

Q1 California’s new affirmative consent law (#YesIsYes). Thoughts?
Q2 How do you tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy #kink/sex?
Q3 How are consent breaches/abuses handled in your community?
Q4 How should perps of sexual violence be handled?
Q5 What resources would you recommend for survivors in your community?

Did you miss this week’s discussion on #SexTalkTuesday about Kink, Sex and Consent? Just scroll down and check out the rest of the conversation below!

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