Rape Culture with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals

TibbalsFor this #Sextalktuesday Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals (@DrChauntelle) guest moderated a very serious discussion about Rape Culture. We started off this conversation by defining Rape Culture. Dr. Chauntelle tweeted “Rape Culture is the way we as a collective society think about sexual assault”. One tweeter indicated that it is “the blaming of victims in cases of rape and the acceptance if that being ok” and another indicated that they think “it’s the culture of a dangerously foggy understanding of consent”. Other topics in this discussion included joking about rape, rape fantasies and does it promote rape culture, and consent.

Q1: What is “rape culture”? #sextalktuesday

Q2: It seems to be ok to joke about rape if the joke is on the rapist and not the victim. But are any jokes ok? #sextalktuesday

Q3: Are rape fantasies “promoting” rape culture? #sextalktuesday​

Q4: Should consent be intrinsically tied to discussions of rape culture, ideally to make them critical vs. conjecture? #sextalktuesday​

Q4a: Should rape culture be rebranded/reframed around consent – consent culture? #sextalktuesday​

Q5: Has consent become a joke? #sextalktuesday​

Read the whole discussion below whether you missed it or just want to go over it!

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