A HusbandsPassion Shared Their Experience Exploring Sex As A Couple On SexTalkTuesday.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, HusbandsPassion shared with us their experience exploring sex as a couple. It was an interesting talk with many that felt compelled to jump in and dispel myths of sexual exploration. All around a very upfront and frank talk about sexual exploration as a couple. Read the whole story below!   Joanne […]


On SexTalkTuesday We Discussed Shibari: A Knotty Dilemma!

This week on SexTalkTuesday we jumped into the topic of shibari! If you don’t know, shibari if a form of rope bondage that is highly intricate. This BDSM practice has been around for some time and has its roots in Japan. It was a lively talk with many either sharing some of their experiences or […]


AdultFriendFinder Came To SexTalkTuesday To Discuss Finding The Third AKA Unicorn Hunting.

SexTalkTuesday was happy to have AdultFriendFinder this week, discussing how to find the elusive third for a poly-amorous relationship. This talk is full of tons of useful information in the hunt for that third to add to your non-monogamous relationship, so read the full story below!   Topic: Finding the Third AKA Unicorn Hunting. Questions: […]


Liam McKenzie Came To SexTalkTuesday To Talk About Sexual Exploration & Communicating New Desires.

This week on SexTalkTuesday the topic was sexual exploration and communicating new desires. Everyone has their fantasies, only some put in the work to make fantasy a reality. Everyone also says communication is key to a happy relationship, but how to get out of your own way long enough to have meaningful discourse? This what […]


Rebel Lynn Came To Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk Polyamory: A Beginner’s Guide.

This week on SexTalkTuesday, Rebel Lynn lead a talk about polyamory. The replies and opinions flew thick and fast, but the general consensus seemed to be that a willingness to try polyamory was, at the very least, a good thing. Some of the tweets that illustrated this were:   mygirlfund @mygirlfund A2: I think the […]


Arena Rome Comes To Sex Talk Tuesday To Talk About Going From Courtship To Marriage: Cuckoldry & Polyamory That Works.

The Topic for #SexTalkTuesday this week was From Courtship to Marriage: Cuckoldry, & Polyamory that works with Queen Arena Rome guest moderating.  This was a great talk with many contributors who felt passionate about the subject.  Some of the tweets that illustrate this were:   Black Pomegranate@BlkPomegranate Hearing about cuckoldry helps people to understand it […]

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Hayley Quinn Discusses Commitment on Sex Talk Tuesday.

This week on #SexTalkTuesday, Hayley Quinn discussed Commitment. It was a charged topic; with many questioning the meaning of Commitment, the basis of monogamy, the perceived healthiness of monogamy, and many other off-shoots of the Commitment question. A definite must read edition of #SexTalkTuesday!   F-Buddy@fbuddy A1: I consider most relationships committed, on different levels. […]

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FBuddy Discussed The Impetus Of Cuckolding On Sex Talk Tuesday!

This week on #SexTalkTuesday Fbuddy joined us to discuss the impetus of cuckolding.  Where does this desire to be supplanted as the sexual partner come from? How can it affect a relationship? All were questions asked and delved into in this interesting talk.  Some of the most retweeted responses were:   ispylivecams@ispylivecams Honestly #cuckolding is […]

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Cooper Beckett and The Swingset Team Discuss Non-Monogamy on Sex Talk Tuesday!

This week, we had a group of moderators on our chat; as the whole team from Life On The Swingset joined us.  @CooperSBeckett was joined by @GingerNTheProf,  @DylanTheThomas, and @Technogeisha.  The conversation went over time, as many people wanted to stick around and continue the conversation.  The talk was focused on primarily monogamy, polyamory, and swinging.  However, we also […]